Small & Exciting Changes to Midwestern Book Bloggers

Hey, Midwesterners! Just wanted to fill you in on a few changes here at MBBs. You may have noticed a little more activity in the past couple days. Amanda has handed the reins over to Charleen @ Cheap Thrills and Brittany @ The Book Addict’s Guide (that’s me) and we will be the new main contacts at MBBs. Amanda is still staying on as the REC for the Twin Cities so don’t worry — you’ll still see her around! Again, a big thanks to Amanda and Jacinda for starting Midwestern Book Bloggers and for letting hop on board in a more prominent role!

FIRST: We’re not making any BIG changes to MBBs because Amanda and Jacinda of course did a great job of setting it up and organizing everything! I’ve contacted the RECs who originally volunteered when MBBs started and we’ve verified who is still staying on. If you or any other Midwestern book blogger is interested in becoming a Regional Event Coordinator, head on over to the About page, check out what the duties are, and send us an email! We still have quite a few regions that need reps!

SECOND: Things like the Blogger listing page and the Events page haven’t change, but I was thinking of expanding the events page to more than just local events. I know some of you guys don’t live near major cities so that makes it hard to attend signings and really get involved with MBBs. I was hoping to expand events to extend to blogger-hosted events as well such as read alongs, giveaways, or any major blog events that you’re hosting. I thought it would be nice to help highlight those really special events & posts on your blog and have a spot where the community can find them. This would not be a page for linking up to regular reviews/features/memes, etc — Just to help get the word out about special events. If you guys like this idea, I’ll start working on a form for you to be able to fill out and submit with your blog event’s info so let me know if that’s something you’d be interested in!

THIRD: We still need help updating all of the local bookstores! If you know of any in your area, please send us an email and we will update the page.

Okay, I think that will do it for now! Again, we haven’t made and big changes but if there’s something you’d like to see from MBBs, please let us know! We’d love for this to be a community and a way for us to interact with each other & help each other out.